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I am the President of the Leeds Theosophical Society and hold internationally recognised qualifications in Vedic Astrology and Spiritual Numerology. 

I'm a Member of the British Association for Vedic Astrology (BAVA), and travel to India to study Indian culture and Vedic wisdom with the international astrologer Komilla Sutton. I'm a scholar on the prestigious Jaimini and Parasara Training Programmes under the guidance of world-class tutors Pandit Sanjay Rath and Steve Hubball.

Coming from a background in science and business I now study the science of the soul and practice the business of right living.  My other qualifications are a penetrating mind, a compassionate heart, profound wisdom and a deep and systematic knowledge of esoteric subjects.

I can offer you insight into your life, your character, your relationships, your past lives and future possibilities, and the most auspicious times for important events such as weddings, moving home, travelling, or setting up a new enterprise. 

Insight brings understanding and understanding brings choice. Choice sets you free.



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