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The initial consultation is priced at only £65 (about $106). This is priced less than the standard consultation so that you can see what Vedic Astrology can offer you.

Standard consultations are charged at £95 (about $144). This would last about one and half to two hours via Skype or telephone or via a meeting to be arranged. Your vedic chart will be e-mailed to you before the consultation, and a recording of the discussion can be e-mailed to you. The consultation will analyse your birth chart, looking at the influence of the planets and of your karmic axis in your life, analysis of your lunar mansions, panchanga analysis (the critical daily relationship between the Moon and the Sun), the effect of transitory planets and periods of possible crisis, and the perspective of your soul planet.

Subsequent consultations are charged at £55 (about $90) per hour and may cover areas such as relationship compatibility (for 2 charts), Muhurta (choosing auspicious times for starting a business, getting married, moving home, etc), spiritual development, vedic remedies, personal development, etc.

Numerology readings are charged at £45 (about $75) per reading.

For a combined vedic and numerology reading I charge £125 (roughly $190).

Business and Life Coaching consultations are charged at £55 per hour.

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Disclaimer:  All consultations by Paul Barker are based on analyses of the Vedic astrological and/or numerology chart with birth data supplied by the client.  Advice is given strictly as guidance only. Clients should be over 18 and they retain the right to use such advice according to their own discretion and for their particular circumstances.  All final decisions and actions made by a client are his or her sole responsibility.



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